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Groundwork Phase: Preparing for the Future

November and December are typically slow months at work and in the many projects ahead. PodCamps tend to slow down in terms of occurrences, and lots of time is re-allocated to family and friends as the holidays approach. I’m in the midst of a few different groundwork projects right now.

+ Getting promotional groundwork done for Matthew Ebel as he prepares to move to Boston in 2008
+ Getting content groundwork done for our FAFSA web site at work, FAFSAonline.com
+ Getting content groundwork done for Stephen K. Hayes’ organization, SKH Quest
+ Getting strategic groundwork done for the Financial Aid Podcast
+ Getting strategic groundwork done for Marketing Over Coffee
+ Lots of other stuff on the scope, too

Winter heralds hibernation, regrouping, and re-energizing. I’ll also be having a New Year’s gathering in January again, continuing a tradition we started last year. I hope everyone who participated in the last one saw their goals accomplished!