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A quick rant about PodCamp co-organizers

Just a quickie, two things I want to get off of my plate.

1. Just because it doesn’t come from Chris Penn or Chris Brogan doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

Chris Brogan and I founded PodCamp, true. However, our co-organizers are every bit as important, if not MORE important, than we are, because an event like PodCamp Boston is a HUGE team effort. If you get messages from other organizers like Steve Garfield, someone, Whitney Hoffman, etc., please give them as much attention and importance as a message from Mr. Brogan or me.

Our co-organizers are legitimately our equals, not our lieutenants.

2. If one organizer says no, do not ask others to say yes.

We’re a team. Yes, we can be uncoordinated at times, and yes, we can occasionally get mixed up, but by and large, if an organizer has stepped up and taken responsibility for a part of PodCamp, they own that piece. If someone is unhappy with a PR piece, you need to talk to Doug Haslam. Chris Brogan and I will NOT override the authority and responsibility that our co-organizers have willingly taken on. If someone is unhappy with the music arrangements, someone is the final word on that. If someone doesn’t like that registration is a certain way, that’s Susan Kaup’s authority to change or not.

I wholly and fully endorse our co-organizers, and gratefully acknowledge that despite day jobs, families, and to-do lists that are legendary, they can still find the time to make PodCamp Boston 2 a great event. Please do not ask Chris Brogan or me to treat them with disrespect or dishonor their commitment to the new media community by overriding decisions in areas of responsibility they have willingly shouldered.


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