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Relay for Life Second LifeI got the call this morning – “Second Life Relay For Life has almost no buzz or PR – and it’s tomorrow!”

So here’s the instant marketing plan to help this group get donations up and running.

  1. Get the donations page set up.
  2. Realize the donations page has an AWFUL URL to promote.
  3. Use the word-of-mouth friendly name TodayIsave.com/alife
  4. Get some artwork because there isn’t really all that much. Mashup SL and RFL logos.
  5. Facebook group. Get it set up, point it to the donations page.
  6. Look at the marketing collateral and realize it’s all depressing. People are dying, etc.
  7. Look at the research and spin from it – donations led to the HPV vaccine, a major contributor to cervical cancer.
  8. The long blurb: “Donations in the past led to the HPV vaccine which will lead to the prevention of cervical cancer. $20 today could save the life of your mother, child, or best friend tomorrow.”
  9. The short blurb: “$20 today could save a life tomorrow.”
  10. Promote the hell out of it on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc. and launch this baby like crazy.