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The Ultimate SlackershotToo often I forget that paradise is never far away, no matter where you are. Tonight on the deck, just relaxing and sitting in the armchair, the temperature was just right, the breeze just right, and someone in the neighborhood here has a wood fire in an outdoor fire pit burning. It’s not close by, because it’s not overly smoky, but it’s got just enough of that campfire smell to be absolutely wonderful.

The temperature is probably about 65 degrees or so (Fahrenheit, for my international friends it’s 19 C) which is to me one of the best temperatures in the world for relaxing at night. 65 plus a decent breeze is just heavenly.

To sit down in a rocking chair, enjoying the breeze and a bowl of ice cream – that’s a little slice of paradise that doesn’t require any kind of investment other than just sitting down to relax.

Hope you have a great evening, too.