There’s a very specific reason why it’s named Awaken Your Superhero – you’re already a superhero. You have only to realize it, to awaken it within yourself.

Consider this: from where you sit reading this right now, you have access to streams of real-time information from all over the world, knowledge spread the moment it’s created. You can watch far-off places, have immediate or near-immediate access to the sum of publicly available human knowledge, communicate with thousands, if not millions of people with just a few clicks of a mouse, influence and affect people next door and thousands of miles away.

In another time, in another place, these would have been powers reserved only for the greatest of superheroes. Comic books would have been written about such a person with these powers…

… and that person is you, here and now. You have superpowers that a generation ago would have been not only legendary, but even absurd. Comic books of years past would have called infinite knowledge an amazing feat; we call it Google. Action hero movies of yesteryear would have called global mindreading an astonishing power; we call it Twitter.

Here’s the snag: we have superhero powers, but we don’t necessary have superhero motivation.

To quote The Princess Bride, I do not think that hero means what you think it means. It’s the trendy term in marketing today, along with its cousin, superhero.

  • Being good at your job does not make you a hero (or a superhero).
  • Hitting or exceeding your performance numbers does not make you a hero.
  • Being popular in social media does not make you a hero.

What makes you a hero is when you display the will for self-sacrifice in the face of adversity.

  • When a firefighter rushes into a building to save a life, he or she is putting someone else’s life and safety ahead of their own. That is heroism.
  • When you are poor but still save up enough to donate to a worthy cause, you are putting your own well-being secondary to someone else’s. That is heroism.
  • When you stand up for someone else’s rights and lend your voice in cause of something unpopular, you are risking your reputation for theirs. That is heroism.

Awakening your superhero isn’t about a shiny badge for your blog or calling yourself a marketing superhero in your slide deck. Awakening your superhero is about understanding what you’re capable of so that you can be ever more effective when you seek to make a difference, when you choose to put others before you, when you make that sacrifice and embody what heroism is truly about. That’s what this blog is about, ultimately. We’re on a never-ending quest to understand not just the new media space, but to understand our role in it and how we can be more effective, more powerful, and more heroic through it. We have to awaken ourselves – awaken our superheroes, and it’s a journey I hope you’ll join me on.

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