Autumn Mornings (2011)Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, depending on when you read this. I wanted to say thank you for following me on Twitter, but to do so eloquently requires a few more than 140 characters. So thank you for following me on Twitter. By way of introductions, I also would ask that you take just a few moments to subscribe, entirely for free, to my weekly newsletter. Here’s why you should as a Twitter user:

  • Stuff goes by too fast on Twitter and is hard to bookmark or save for later
  • Stuff gets missed, especially if you’re following a lot of people
  • Stuff gets lost amongst lots of other content, sort of a “handful of diamonds obscuring the beauty of one” problem

My newsletter is an antidote to these common problems on Twitter. In each issue, I highlight popular blog posts and shared items on Twitter using Google Analytics and data to tell me what everyone else thinks is important. I then summarize and share it back to you, so that:

  • You have the important stuff “bookmarked” in a nice, convenient email you can read, archive, and come back to any time
  • You never miss the important stuff as long as you get to your inbox somewhat regularly
  • You see the really shiny diamonds first

How often will you receive it? It’s weekly – I usually send it on Sunday nights so that you have it first thing Monday morning.

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