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Audiences demand more of events every year, but one demand is timeless: speakers who deliver value they can try out as soon as they return home. Learn why event planners and audiences get incredible value year after year from my talks.

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Marketing expert Jay Baer says, “Of the 50 or so email newsletters I get weekly, my favorite is the one from Christopher Penn. I learn something EVERY time.” Each Sunday, you’ll receive the top 25 stories of the week in marketing, advertising, communications, tech, and economics, plus original thought starters. Subscribe today for free!

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AI for Marketers Book

Few terms inspire more curiosity and fear than AI. In this all-new, completely-rewritten Second Edition of AI for Marketers: An Introduction and Primer, you'll learn what AI is and isn't, 5 practical applications of AI in marketing (with detailed examples and use cases), key questions you should be asking of any vendor that claims to have AI, and how to prepare your company and your career for an AI future. Get your copy now!

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Almost Timely News: Principles-Based Prompt Engineering (2024-02-25)

Almost Timely News: Principles-Based Prompt Engineering (2024-02-25) :: View in Browser Check out these two new talks, free for you to enjoy: 👉 Predictive Analytics and Generative AI for Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality 👉 Building the Data-Driven, AI-Powered Customer...

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