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Travel budgets are tighter than ever. Conference organizers and event planners are being asked to deliver more value to their audiences than ever before. Big picture talks and big ideas are nice, but what really energizes a crowd, what really awakens them is when they leave the room saying, “I can’t wait to try that out as soon as I get back!”

That’s where I can help you most! When I’m done with your audience, they’ll walk away with brains full of practical, pragmatic, immediately usable advice, ideas, and information.

In turn, your event will leave a lasting impression on attendees, powering great word of mouth and helping make your event a part of everyone’s short list of must-go shows. Companies that implement the ideas and skill-building techniques I share at your event will keep coming back to your event for more, year after year.

Let me help turn your next event into an incredibly valuable, energizing experience for your audience.

Let me help you awaken your audience!

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Public Speaking Topics

  • Awaken Your Superhero: In this presentation, I help you understand the power of social media to bring out your superhero self, from what your powers are to opportunities you have to use them.
  • Podcasters Across Borders 2009How To Measure Your Internet Marketing ROI. In this presentation, I help you analyze the value of your Internet marketing and establish solid ROI information to better judge your marketing efforts. Executives and senior managers will be especially interested in learning effective ways to measure social media.
  • 5 Email Marketing Power Ideas. In this presentation, I help you understand the five key concepts that nearly every email marketer needs to master, plus actionable steps to put into effect the moment you’re back in the office for improved profitability and effectiveness.
  • SEO: What Matters. In this presentation, I review current trends in Search Engine Optimization and ways for organizations to take advantage of new media and social media to boost SEO efforts.
  • Turning Buzz into Business – B2B New Media. In this presentation and discussion, I examine your social media strategy and “funnel”, and demonstrates powerful techniques using business social networks for making relationships and business happen.
  • New Media Overview – The basics of podcasting, blogging, and new media. In this presentation, I explore the new media environment and strategic implications for your organization and brand.
  • Social Networking – Understanding Your New Community. In this presentation, I reveal four strategies for evaluating social networks and understanding the context in which people use them.
  • Powering Your Personal Network with Social Media. In this presentation, I demonstrate how effective use of social networks and social media can vastly increase your personal influence and reach, helping you to achieve real world results.
  • Blogging – Community Communication at its best. In this presentation, I reveal the top 4 reasons to blog, some blogging tools, plus tips to be a productive blogger and missteps to avoid.
  • Podcasting – The 21st century radio. In this presentation, I explore the landscape of audio and video podcasting, citing successful productions, and gives you a roadmap to implementation.
  • New Media Marketing – How to use new media to spread the word. In this presentation, I examine the four stages of new media participation and engagement, basic metrics, and how to create value propositions using new media tools.

Benefits and Speaking Packages

Green Belt
Brown Belt
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* Slides and materials will be posted on my site and made available to events. They will not be cobranded and may be subject to additional restrictions based on the speaking agreement negotiated.

** The newsletter has an approximate active circulation of 12,000.

Calculating the speaking fee for your event is easy. All travel and expenses are required; air travel must be business class if available. Multiply the number of attendees you are planning for times the package you’re choosing. If you’d like me to speak at an event of 200 and not do any promotion, choose the Green Belt package and the speaking fee is 200 x $37 = $8,200. If you’d like me to speak at an event of 300, provide maximum value, and promote the living daylights out of it, choose the Black Belt package and the speaking fee is 300 x $77 = $24,300.

Past Audience Feedback

Nice things people have said during my talks (and could say during your conference, too):

“Christopher Penn was a speaker at MARCOM Annual Forum in Ottawa. He is a solid expert in the field of email marketing. His session was extremely well received and most wanted much more of his time. He has a keen sense of humour and is generous with the information he shares. It’s a pleasure to highly recommend him as a speaker and educator and good luck getting his time! He’s one of the most responsive professionals I’ve ever met and is distinctly humble – what a rare combination. So many could learn from his example. Bravo!” – Claire Mills, PMP, CEPSM

“I thought your presentation was truly one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended in my 15 years as an educator. I thought that every moment of your session was well planned out, fun and impactful and you motivated us to feel empowered to implement solutions for our programs and students.” – Robert Dais, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

“Chris will melt your brain. It’s just that simple. He understands how online marketing works but more importantly he knows how to make it work for you. Smart, clear and insightful.” – Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image

“I am consistently impressed with Christopher’s grasp of online marketing trends… he has a very solid grasp on effective interactive marketing techniques and is able to bring the uber-techie talk right down to the ground level.” – Scott Monty, Global Digital Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company

“If you wanted top quality delivery, professional production, and something that would sell FOR you, I’d hire Chris in an instant. He’s professional, reliable, a leader, and very personable.” – Chris Brogan, President, Owner Magazine

“Chris Penn is one of the communications trend-setting social networking gurus of our time. He not only gets it, he deploys it, preaches and teaches it.” – Cynthia deLorenzi, CEO, Success in the City

“Christopher’s presentations had absolutely no fat. They were rigorously prepared and filled with truly useful information. He shared his best tips freely and generously, replete with easy-to-follow descriptions, examples and instructions. It was clear he valued the attendees’ time and so did not waste a minute of it. Definitely worthwhile.” – Irene Duma, President, Strange Duck Media

“Christopher has been a visionary in New Media. Chris has an intuitive sense for how marketing and community outreach should be done, always while keeping the message genuine, honest and transparent. His clear and concise presentations are something I strive to emulate in all my speaking engagements.” – Whitney Hoffman, Chief Content Officer, Hoffman Omnimedia

“I have nothing but great things to say about Christopher! His enthusiasm and energy around the development, promotion and management of Podcamp was nothing short of impressive. The sessions that Christopher conducted were inspiring. You can clearly see that he is passionate about his knowledge and understanding of technology and the medium of podcasting.” – Greg Cangialosi, President and CEO, Blue Sky Factory

Cut and Paste Biographies for Event Planners

Self PortraitHeadshot available in a variety of sizes on Flickr.

140 Characters

Christopher Penn (@cspenn): VP Marketing Technology @shiftcomm, ninja, PodCamp cofounder, Marketing Over Coffee cohost, speaker, author, Google certified pro.

Long Form

Christopher S. Penn has been featured as a recognized authority in many books, publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, BusinessWeek and US News & World Report, and television networks such as PBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and ABC News for his leadership in new media and marketing. In 2012, 2013, and 2014 Forbes Magazine recognized him as one of the top 50 most influential people in social media and digital marketing. MediaPost renewed this honor in 2015. Marketo Corporation named him a Marketing Illuminator, and PR News nominated him as both Social Media Person of the Year and Social Media Icon MVP in 2014. PR News also named him Agency Professional of the Year.

Mr. Penn is the Vice President of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, a public relations firm, as well as co-founder of the groundbreaking PodCamp New Media Community Conference, and co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast. He is a Google Analytics Certified Professional and a Google AdWords Certified Professional. He’s the author of the best-selling books Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer, Marketing Red Belt: Connecting With Your Creative Mind, and Marketing Blue Belt: From Data Zero to Marketing Hero.

Learn more about him at

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Social Media Marketing World 2015
  • PR News Google Conference 2015
  • Masters of the New MarCom
  • Inbound 2014
  • FutureM 2014
  • SoFabCon 2014 (Keynote)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine Forum
  • SREB GoAlliance (Keynote)
  • Social Media Strategies Summit
  • MarTech Conference Boston
  • SMX East
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2014
  • Spiceworks’ Spiceworld 2014
  • Demand Success 2014
  • Marketo Summit 2014
  • Dreamforce 2013
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2013
  • FutureM Conference 2013
  • INBOUND 2013
  • Message Systems Interact 2013
  • Social Media Strategies Summit (Keynote)
  • SocialFresh East 2013
  • Dreamforce 2012
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2012
  • PodCamp East 2012
  • BlogWorld Expo 2012
  • Riverside Global Leadership Summit 2012
  • American Marketing Association Email Conference 2012
  • SocialFresh East 2012
  • MarketingProfs University
  • Social Media Plus 2011
  • University of Toledo Interactive Marketing Conference (Keynote)

Older Speaking Engagements

  • PodCamp Boston 6
  • SocialFresh Charlotte 2011
  • PodCamp NH 2011
  • EduWeb Conference 2011
  • WordCamp Boston 2011
  • Blue Sky Factory Email Marketing Intensive 2011
  • Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character Conference NYC 2011
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2011
  • NCHELP Spring Conference 2011
  • MARCOM Forum 2011
  • Blogworld NYC 2011
  • FredNMT 3.0
  • SocialFresh Tampa 2011
  • ETC2011
  • NEDMA Marketing Technology Conference 2011
  • Blue Sky Factory 2010 User Conference
  • Podcamp NH
  • Podcamp Boston 5
  • Optimization Summits Fall 2010
  • 140 Character Conference Boston 2010
  • Social Fresh Charlotte 2010
  • American Red Cross Emergency Data Summit 2010 D.C.
  • Online Marketing Summit 2010 NYC
  • Online Marketing Summit 2010 Boston
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum Boston 2010
  • New England XPO for Business Boston 2010
  • Social Fresh St. Louis
  • Social Fresh Portland
  • Optimization Summit Spring 2010
  • ETC 2010
  • Massachusetts College Goal Sunday 2010
  • Web 2.0 East/Web
  • Inbound Marketing Summit 2009
  • Bentley University CIS Presents Fall 2009
  • PodCamp Philly 3
  • PodCamp Boston 4
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2009
  • Podcasters Across Borders 2009
  • PRSA Digital Impact
  • Bentley College CIS Presents Spring 2009
  • Social Media Jungle
  • Citigroup Citi Forward
  • NewBCamp 2009
  • SREB GoAlliance
  • Massachusetts Department of Higher Education GEAR UP
  • Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 2008 Annual Conference
  • MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer
  • New Marketing Summit
  • Inbound Marketing Summit
  • PodCamp Philadelphia 2
  • PodCamp Boston 3
  • MITX Forum
  • National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 2008 Annual Conference
  • Department of Health and Human Services Interagency New Media Forum
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2008
  • Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 2008 Annual Conference
  • PodCamp NYC 2.0
  • PodCamp DC
  • SREB GoAlliance Private Intensive
  • Bentley College CIS Presents Spring 2008
  • NewBCamp @ Johnson & Wales University
  • Emerson College Graduate School of Integrated Marketing & Communications
  • SREB GoAlliance Keynote
  • Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 2007 Annual Conference
  • National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • PodCamp Boston 2
  • PodCamp Boston
  • PodCamp Toronto
  • PodCamp NYC
  • PESC Technology and Standards Conference
  • PodCamp Europe @ VON Europe
  • Podcasters Across Borders with Mitch Joel
  • PodCamp Philadelphia
  • Emerson College Careers
  • Bentley College CIS Presents Featured Speaker Fall 2007