Social Media Strategy in One Slide

Want to encapsulate social media strategy in one slide, something you can print out, hand to someone else, possibly have engraved on a piece of wood or plastic to beat people with? I’ve got you covered:

Social Media Strategy

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  • tnixon16

    Nice work. I think i might flip columns one and two, though. I think you should do the work on identifying audiences BEFORE you determine what content you’re going to create and how. $0.02.

  • @tnixon16 Here’s the funny thing: It has been my experience that organizations are much better at knowing who they want to say things to and much worse at having something valuable to say. The two are interdependent, but if I had to ask someone to err on one side or the other, I’d say err on the side of investing time in valuable content.

  • Very neat, concise and extremely usable, Christopher. Thanks for creating this and for sharing it.

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