Questions for my next book on email marketing?

I’m in the midst of writing a new book on email marketing and how to grow your email list with over a hundred different tips, tricks, and methods. I’m also opening this up to my community – you – to ask questions that I may be able to answer in the book. If you submit questions that I end up answering, I’ll attribute them to you in the book.

Questions for my next book

  • If I use your question, I'd like to have it attributed to someone, and you'd probably not like to have your email address in print, so that's why I'm asking.
  • I will use this address to send you notifications if you ask for them below. I'll also send you my weekly newsletter, which you may unenroll from at any time.
  • I'm writing a book whose working title is How to Build a Massive Email List: 121 Tips and Tricks. What questions do you have about how to grow an email list that you'd like answered in the book? If I use your question, I'll attribute it to you in the book.
    If you choose yes, I'll email you when it's ready.
    Affiliates earn a commission of 25% of the cover price for every book sold. You must have a free account set up with first. Details will be emailed to you.

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