You Ask, I Answer: Instagram Algorithm Changes?

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You Ask, I Answer: Instagram Algorithm Changes?

In this episode, Christopher Penn responds to a question about whether Instagram is changing its algorithm again. He explains that social media algorithms change very rapidly and frequently, often hourly, due to reinforcement learning mechanisms. Therefore, any sneaky tricks or secrets about Instagram’s algorithm do not last long. Instead, the key to success on social media is to focus on engagement with your audience, as this is what these AI-based systems favor. So, while Instagram is likely changing its algorithm again, the sustainable advantage lies in connecting with your audience, rather than trying to game the algorithm. If you want to hear more about this topic, check out the full video and hit the subscribe button.

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You Ask, I Answer: Instagram Algorithm Changes?

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In today’s episode Meena asks, I heard Instagram is changing its algorithm again, is this true? I saw posted in a group on Facebook about this.

Okay, so this is kind of tricky when it comes to big technology companies, big social networks and their algorithm changes.

These algorithms change very, very rapidly, not a once a quarter or something like that they are because they’re powered by a lot of reinforcement learning mechanisms.

They change very fast Facebook in one of its operations, blog posts about how they run Facebook said their news feed algorithm, the model underlying it recompiles hourly, hourly, which means that the Facebook that you used before lunch and the Facebook you use after lunch are technically different pieces of software.

Because remember, when we’re talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence, a model is just a piece of software that was written by a machine, not a human.

So when Facebook says their their model refreshes every hour, they’re releasing a new version of Facebook every hour.

And very likely the same is true of any of these major social networks with the exception being maybe some old ones.

Recently, Twitter open source does recommendation algorithm and when you look at the code that was released a good chunk of it, it does not include the model itself, right? It incorporates all the stuff around the model, but not the model itself, for obvious reasons.

It contains a lot of sensitive and private information.

But there’s a good chance that model recompile is on a fairly regular and frequent basis as well.

So all these things recompile very, very frequently.

And now the intent of a post like that, really is to say like, here’s some new advice about what’s working on Instagram right now.

There are obviously best practices that will get you at least the bare minimums of competency at Instagram, but because these models change so fast, any sneaky trick, gotcha inside, secret, etc.

These things they don’t last, and they don’t last because the model is constantly retuning itself.

So this is this is how this goes, right? There is no sustainable advantage in working with a lot of these AI based systems because they, they recompile so fast.

So instead, you really should be focusing on the stuff that doesn’t change or the stuff that doesn’t change the people, the human beings, right.

If you are in touch with your fans in touch with your audience, delivering to them what they want, on a regular and frequent basis, there’s a good chance that they’ll see it, and they’ll engage with it.

And that will help boost up your other content.

Engagement really is the name of the game for pretty much everything in social and search in anything AI based.

Because all these companies have built in incentives in their models to say we want to favor things that get big engagement.

So if you and your customers or your colleagues or whoever can get engagement on your content, in general, it’s going to do better, and it’s going to provide sort of a halo effect around your other content as well.

So is Instagram changing his model again? Yes, it changes it probably hourly.

Is does that give you some kind of sustainable advantage? No.

And should you be on the lookout for little tricks and things that work? Probably not.

Because if something is goes really, really well like it’s super anomalous, because of a change in the software.

It’s very every possibility that software change will be gone in an hour.

So good question.

Thanks for asking.

I’ll talk to you soon.

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