You Ask, I Answer: What CMOs Want From Agencies?

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You Ask, I Answer: What CMOs Want From Agencies?

Bonnie asks, “what does a CMO want to see from their Agency in 2022?”

You Ask, I Answer: What CMOs Want From Agencies?

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In today’s episode, Bonnie asks, What does a CMO want to see from their agency? And 2022? This is a relatively easy question to answer.

It’s the same thing that they want to see from the agency and 2021 or 90 and 21.

Right? What have you done for me lately? How are you helping me get my bonus? That’s it.

A cmo wants to know what the agency has done? What results have you gotten? Are you getting consistently bigger and better results? If you’re a PR agency? Have you gotten me in better publications? Have you gotten me in front of more reporters or sources or influencers? If you’re an ad agency, have you increased the number of clicks and conversions I’ve gotten? Have you decreased my costs? Everybody wants the same three things better, faster, cheaper, that’s what we all want.

An agency that can deliver one of those three is going to do really well.

Two out of three, you’ve got a client for as long as they want you and three out of three, your clients probably going to try and buy because you’re delivering miracles, better, faster and cheaper.

That’s what we all want.

So when we look at what an agency is tasked with doing, you know, if you’re an SEO agency, have you improved my organic search traffic? Right? Am I getting more and better search traffic than I was a year ago? If you’re? If you’re a management consulting agency, like Trust Insights, have you solved problems and taken things off my to do list, right? Have you taken more off my to do list and you’ve put on it, that’s a really easy one.

Where agencies run into trouble, is not delivering on those things, is not focusing on what the customer wants, the customer wants better, faster and cheaper.

And if you as an agency are not delivering better or faster or cheaper, you’re not going to keep the client, right? If you are making the client’s life harder, if you are just spending money, if you are not showing any value not showing any return on investment, you’re gonna make the CMO really unhappy.

So if you were hiring agency, what would you want from them, you hire an agency really for one of two reasons.

There’s knowledge that they have that you don’t, that you need their expertise for.

Or you’re hiring hired guns, you know, butts in seats, or hands on keyboards, because you just don’t have enough, right? In those two scenarios.

If you have the knowledge, as an agency, if you have the specialized knowledge, you’re sure that you should be delivering certainly better performance, perhaps faster, maybe cheaper, maybe not.

But you should be delivering on better.

If you are selling hands selling butts and seats, you should be doing a little bit better, we should be doing a lot faster, and maybe cheaper.

When a CMO is weighing whether to spend this 100 grand on two hires, or one agency, the two hires are going to be cheaper, just generally speaking, hires are almost always cheaper than an agency.

So as an agency, you’ve got to deliver on better and faster all the time.

That’s what a CMO wants to see.

That’s what anybody wants to see from the agency.

What have you done for me lately? It’s a truism.

You know, you are only as good as your last win.

Whatever it is, whether it was a campaign that went well, whether it was a insightful analysis, whether it was a big placement in a TV show, or a newspaper or whatever, you’re only as good as your last one.

And if you haven’t had a good win recently, you’re in trouble.

So that’s what the CMO wants to see.

Now, how do you do that? That’s a whole other topic.

But that’s what every stakeholder wants to see better, faster, cheaper.

How we deliver on that is, what makes or breaks whether we keep the client or not.

Good question.

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