Pursuant to new FTC regulations, I’ve put up this handy, all-encompassing page of disclosures so that it’s perfectly clear when I’m writing on behalf of someone else.

People Who Employ Me

SHIFT Communications, an integrated communications and PR agency. Anything I write about our area of expertise will be inherently biased.

People Who Consult With Me

Various conferences and events pay me to speak. If I’m promoting a conference that I’m speaking at, assume I’m being paid to speak and that any promotion of the conference isn’t vain egotism, but is in fact crass commercialism.

  • I am an IBM Champion, which means I receive recognition from IBM.
  • I am a member of the SAP Growth Matters Network as an SMB data analytics expert.

Financial Holdings

  • I am an investor in T-Mobile (TMUS).
  • I am an investor in IBM (IBM).
  • I hold investments in the USAA Tax Exempt Long Term Fund (which contains municipal bonds, mostly).
  • I hold a variety of index funds for retirement purposes, including an S&P 500 Index Fund.
  • I hold four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Statement on Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to try to make money off of you. Let me repeat that. I AM GOING TO TRY TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU. I’ll post stuff for sale on which I get paid a commission. I’ll post stuff for my employer to benefit my salary, so assume a bias there. I use Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and anyone else who will shovel cash my way. You should too. Assume that I’m getting paid by someone, though I’ll use in-post disclosures when and where I can.

My only promise to you is that I won’t market crap to you. If I try to sell you something, at least it’ll be the good stuff.

Statement on Privacy

Assume you have none anywhere on the Internet and you’ll never be disappointed. Don’t ever submit to me anything you wouldn’t put up on a public bulletin board. Assume that everything is on the record, because it probably is – there’s a security camera somewhere, watching you right now, and your government is almost certainly collecting more info about you than you know. So is Google. See that guy over there? He’s probably got Google Eyeball, which replaces one of your eyes with an always-on YouTube streaming camera. If you’re concerned about privacy of your information, don’t post it online ever.

Also, tell your friends to stop posting those drunk, half-naked pics of you on Facebook and then tagging you in them. We can all see that, and for the most part, it’s not pretty.

Plain English: by using my website, you agree that you have no inherent right to privacy to information you submit. I won’t willfully put your information at risk, but using my website releases me of any indemnity or harm you incur in doing so.

Statement on Content

This is my blog. It’s like my living room, only online. I do with it as I like, as you should do in your own living room. If you were to come into my living room, demand free beer and chips, then crap on the floor and break the windows, I’d probably put your porch lights out, if you know what I mean. If you do the digital equivalent, I’ll do the same.

Plain English: I reserve the right to do whatever I want on my personal blog with content, including updating, editing, and deleting without warning or notice.

Statement on Unsolicited Items

You’re welcome to send them to me, but they’re not coming back. Ever. Especially if the cat gets to it.

By sending me something to review, you understand that I may or may not review it, and I do not guarantee any outcome of the review. I also do not guarantee a review in a timely manner unless you want to pay for a review.

If your product sucks, I’m going to say so in no uncertain words.

If it’s delivered electronically, I may never even see it due to spam filters.

If it’s tangible, there’s a distinct chance it’ll get lost in my office somewhere and I won’t find it until months later, possibly after you’ve gone out of business. I’ll still review it and lament your passing if that’s the case.

If I do review something, I will disclose it, no exceptions.

If it’s great, I’ll tell people about it.
If it’s terrible, likewise.
If it’s mediocre, there’s a good chance it will make so little an impression that I’ll forget to review it entirely.

Be awesome, okay?

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