Leadership is the shield against harm. Leadership is the sword to cut away obstacles. When you live and work under good leadership, you are afforded time, energy, and resources to flourish. You do not need to wield the sword and shield yourself. When you live and work...

What is ethics in marketing?

We live in challenging times as marketers. Our effectiveness is now dependent on so many different strategies, tactics, methodologies, partners, tools, and audiences that being effective sometimes appears to conflict with being ethical. How do we balance the results...

Subduing Incivility Online

One of the hottest topics at this week’s MoNage (the Age of Messaging on the Net) conference in Boston is the breakdown of civility and discourse in the age of ubiquitous, always-on social media. Opening keynote speaker Jeff Jarvis said: #MoNage @JeffJarvis empathy is...

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