When you can’t find your heroes

There’s an old adage, that if you look around the poker table and you can’t spot the sucker, you’re it. Let’s reframe that. If you look around and you can’t find your heroes, you’re supposed to be the hero. If you enjoyed this, please share it with your network!...

How to Begin Leading

How do you start to lead in a world of bad leadership? You begin with two simple, but courageous words: Not here. We don’t control the nation, the Oval Office, the Congress, or even our state or town (unless you’re the elected official), no matter what...


Leadership is the shield against harm. Leadership is the sword to cut away obstacles. When you live and work under good leadership, you are afforded time, energy, and resources to flourish. You do not need to wield the sword and shield yourself. When you live and work...

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