This is what hope looks like

Hope isn’t a feeling.
Hope is an action.
Hope is choosing to believe that there is more than this.

This is what hope looks like:


The young lady pictured above is Haineyehya. She’s 6 years old, and you’re looking at her living room: a burlap cloth on top of rough gravel.

There’s a famous saying: With great power comes great responsibility. This is not true. Not because we don’t want it to be, but because responsibility is a choice. In my part of the world, everything we feel, everything we think, everything we do is a choice. A choice to act or not act. A choice to see or not see. A choice to accept or a choice to stand up and declare “This is not okay.”

I have privilege. I have tons of privilege. I am, quite literally, blessed: my children are safe and fed. My house is solid and warm. I am healthy. I work. I have an education. I have choice. Not just choice, but Choice, because I can decide what on what we eat, when we eat, when we sleep, what we wear…I have and have and have.

Syrian refugees do not have.
Haineyehya’s family does not have.
She is not safe.
Her belly is not full.
She is not warm, tucked up inside a solid house with soft furniture and cozy rug.
She has two dolls and sits on rough burlap over rocks.

Her family does not have the choices I have, and likely not the choices you have.

But they do have some.

They choose to be brave, to give up the normal lives they had, to cross borders to keep their families safe.

They choose to hope, to have faith that this too will pass, and that they will overcome.

If people with absolutely nothing make such earth-shattering choices, then why can’t we?

We can choose responsibility. We can choose to exercise our great power by contributing to Haineyehya and her family, and the millions of other families like hers.

I have chosen to sponsor her, to take some responsibility for her. Will you choose to help her as well?

Click here to support Haineyehya and prove her hope is well-founded.

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Manage multiple Google marketing accounts easily

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a personal Google account.

You probably have a work Google account.

If you work with any partners, vendors, agencies, or clients, you probably even have Google logins for them.

The uncomfortable reality of multiple accounts is that disastrous mistakes are merely a click or two away, from sharing the wrong social update on the wrong channel to making irrevocable configuration changes in your marketing toolset. There’s a super-simple way to mitigate this, however: Google Chrome profiles. You can set up a profile for every Google account you work in with just a few clicks:


From there, configure each profile with the appropriate logins, then switch with a right-click on the profile button to change workspaces. Once you’re signed in (and you’re using two-factor authentication, right?) then you can swap between profiles without having to log out.

The Power Move

Having multiple profiles is just the first step. Make sure you go to the Chrome Web Store and download some colored themes, then keep careful track of which theme you’re in. Here’s an example, where my work profile is color coded red. I know exactly which browser and profile I’m working in:


Want to kick it up a notch? Want to be absolutely unmistakeable about which profile you’re in? Use a free service like ThemeBeta to roll your own themes and logos so that even if you’re not firing on all cylinders, there’s no question what you’re doing:


Prevent mistakes. Be clear what you’re working in.

Use Google Chrome Profiles in your marketing work!

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The 5 song playlist for tough times


We live in challenging times. There are so many opportunities for us to make ourselves sick with worry, so many ways to fill our days, nights, and Facebook feeds with anguish. Some of the worry is vicarious, and some of it is incredibly personal and firsthand. All that anxiety takes a tremendous toll on ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our ability to do what must be done in our own lives to keep advancing.

To mitigate the effects of some of this very real psychological warfare that we wage against ourselves, there’s an ancient meditation practice we can draw upon, a method of mental self-protection, which I first learned from Stephen K. Hayes. Using the most modern tools, we can freshen it up for today’s world.

What you’ll need: headphones, a device capable of playing your favorite music, and about 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time depending on the songs you like. No sitting on top of mountains needed, just a room where you won’t be interrupted, by other people or by yourself.

Using the music and software of your choice, you’re going to pick 5 songs you know well and assemble them into a playlist. The platform doesn’t matter, use whatever you like best, from iTunes to Spotify to Pandora, etc.

First Song: Reboot

For the first song in your playlist, pick a song that reboots you. The song should cause you to forget whatever it is you were doing, to stop and just listen. The song should command 100% of your attention.

Second Song: Action

The second song in your playlist should inspire you to take correct actions, to move in the world in the most positive, most productive way. Maybe it’s a favorite workout song that gets you pumped up. Maybe it’s an inspiring song that makes you get up and want to join a cause.

Third Song: Word

The third song in your playlist should inspire you to choose correct words, words that heal and help, rather than harm. What songs inspire you to be more poetic, to speak better, to choose words? You could pick a love song, perhaps, or a song that has helped you say the right things during tough times and tough relationships.

Fourth Song: Thought

Your fourth song should inspire you to think more clearly. What music helps you to reflect, to reason, to take some time to have a conversation with yourself? What song makes you contemplate or dive deep inside to understand what you’re thinking? What song forces you to pause, close the door, and think?

Fifth Song: Armor

The final song in your playlist should be your armor. This is the song that makes you stand up tall, feel like you’re invincible, powered up, ready to take on the world. This is the song that, when you hear it, makes you feel like the arrows being fired at you simply bounce off, like a superhero. You brighten up, you almost literally shine.

You’ll note that I have assiduously avoided any mention of the songs on my personal playlists. These songs are deeply personal to you, and only to you. Take the time to root through your music catalog to find the perfect fits for yourself, rather than emulate what someone else uses. Like a favorite recipe, what you love most will work best for you and you alone. Change out songs as you need to, as you find better songs that fit each role more perfectly.

Use this to armor up, to protect yourself against an increasingly hostile, depleting world.

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