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Social Media Marketing World is one of the largest, if not the largest, social media marketing conferences in the world. Michael Stelzner and the crew at Social Media Examiner do an amazing job of putting on this mammoth show each year in San Diego. Getting the most out of the show requires a few simple steps in advance. For first-timers, I’ve got a few suggestions to enhance your SMMW experience.

1. Stay hydrated. You’re going to two deserts for the price of one: San Diego, which tends to be a hot, arid climate, and a convention center, which tends to run air conditioning and thus remove even more water from the air. Drink water copiously. As the US Army expression goes, if you don’t have to use the restroom frequently, you haven’t had enough water.

2. Bring COMFORTABLE SHOES. You will be walking a TON. See this lovely map below? That’s the San Diego Convention Center. End to end, it’s a third of a mile long. There’s a baseball field next to it for size comparison.


3. Bring a portable power strip and power banks. Outlets aren’t always nearby and you will burn down your phone battery being social. I’m partial to the Anker 20,000 man power brick. It weighs as much as a small brick but will keep a tablet and phone charged up all day. I also carry a Monster travel 4-port power strip, which I love dearly. It’s a friend-maker – bring it out and make friends.

Be aware that some devices may be restricted if you’re traveling from overseas due to a new travel ban.

Also, don’t forget your device cables. Bring 2 of each.

4. Arrive with a BURNING question that you ask everyone you meet. What one question MUST you get answered in order for the conference to be worth it? If you don’t have a burning question, you’ll enjoy the show but you won’t get the most out of it.

5. Plan your sessions in advance. Got that burning question handy? You’ll find session planning on the official agenda much easier. Use the event planner to start and be sure to add key sessions to your calendar using the handy add to calendar feature.


6. Party responsibly. If we speakers are doing our jobs right, your brains should really hurt by the end of the event. You want to get the most out of the event, so pace yourself. That business-changing insight you’ve got a burning question about may happen on the last day of the event, and you want to be sober enough and awake enough to catch it.

7. Bring earplugs. I always travel with ballistic earplugs. They’re great for reducing that screaming baby on the airplane to a dull roar, and priceless for major events like SMMW. Loud convention centers and concerts and parties are awesome… for a short while. Enough loud noise will fry you. Bring a bottle of earplugs and you will end up much less fatigued.

8. Bring business cards. Duh.

9. Bring space. As in, pack lightly so you have room for all the fun stuff the various exhibitors have to offer.

10. Bring a day pack/bag. There will be times you won’t want to lug around heavy luggage or a full laptop case. A small messenger bag will fit the bill perfectly. I’m personally a fan of the Osprey Nano, but any small bag or pack will do.

See you at Social Media Marketing World! Haven’t bought tickets? Get them here.

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