A daily hello on LinkedIn

Here’s a simple, powerful tactic you should add to your daily social media tasks:

Say hello to any first degree connection on LinkedIn that visits your profile.

You’ll find them in this section:

Welcome! | LinkedIn

And then just say hello by sending a message.

Profile Stats | LinkedIn

My only suggestion on what to say is don’t pitch unless you know the person well and you’re already in the process of doing business with them. Instead, just say hello.

Messages | LinkedIn

The catch is that you have to do this regularly. The easiest way to remember to do it is to set a calendar reminder daily for it.


Do this daily, and you’ll deepen the connection to your social networks and make them much more valuable to you than a largely faceless group of people that you only see reported as a number of connections. Unless you have a wildly popular profile, once a day should cover everyone and anyone who stops by. Of course, if you see someone who’s a second degree that you know, offer to connect with them while you’re doing your daily hello.

Why is this important? Unlike other networks, where checking out your profile page might just be to see what you’ve shared recently or what embarrassing photos you’ve been in, LinkedIn profiles have a specific purpose: to highlight your professional experiences. As such, someone visiting your profile on LinkedIn probably has a different intent than, say, someone visiting your profile on Facebook. By saying a simple hello, you’re opening the door to conversation that they might be hesitant to have – after all, chances are they don’t want to be seen as a stalker following you. Assuage that fear with a friendly hello, and see where the conversation takes you.

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  • Simple, but really smart. Good thinking, Mr. Penn!

  • Great post Chris, it was good to catch up!

  • Great advice. Thank you very much. I usually send a message to the people who take the time to look at my profile. However, I confess I set up a time during the weekend to do so. And, I thought it was a good idea to say hello and thank you and also, telling them a bit about me. Your insights are valuable to me Mr Penn. Thank you!

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